Sura Korean BBQ in Aberdeen Mall, Richmond

Emily, Lorna, Marian and I got together again after a few months not seeing each other.


We decided to try the new Sura Korean BBQ at Aberdeen Mall.


The setting is traditional Korean with cushion bench and metal cutleries.


We ordered the $15 set (minimum 2 orders) and a Ginseng Chicken Soup to share among 4 or us. However, the server insisted that we ordered another item since there were 4 or us. So, we added a Japchae.


The above were from the set; congee, salad, deep fried pork strip salad and a kind of mung bean starch jelly salad.


Still from the set; griledl Mackerel (quite small); pork belly; bulgogi and tofu soup (small bowl).


Last two items from the set is a mix vegetable kimchees and a potato pancake.


Ginseng Chicken Soup comes with glutinous rice at the bottom. The soup is not salted but sea salt was provided on the side for our own salting to taste. If not mistaken, this is about $20.


Japchae, fried potato noodles with mostly vegetables and a little meat. We hardly touched this because we were too full already.


At the end of the meal, Emily excused herself to go to the washroom. She was seated next to me. After she left her seat, I noticed there were a lot of ants on the floor where Emily was seated. We notified the servers and they were puzzled where the ants came from. Apparently, they came from outside as we were seated near the window. The ants gave us goosebumps and we just felt like the ants crawling up our legs.


The person in charged told us that the meal will be on the house for the not so nice experience. We were also served a complementary sweet drink with pine nuts.

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  1. sreb

    It’s a good thing they told you the meal will be on the house, seems like with the waiter being pushy about ordering more stuff and the ants it really wasn’t a great experience overall. It is a shame that the cooks normally work super hard to have the rest of the crew mess it up for the customers..

  2. LotusRapper

    Free meal, cool ! I’ll bring some ants with me next time I go there ……

    Sura is a cool restaurant. I’ve been to the one on Robson, very chic, modern yet comfortable. I was there in a group of 4, we ordered two $15 lunch sets and were all stuffed beyond expectations, with leftovers to go. IIRC we didn’t have to order an extra item.

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