Birthday Dinner at New Spicy Chili Restaurant

April is Ben’s birthday. We celebrated his birthday on a belated date because he was busy at work.


The birthday boy picked sichuan although Arkensen wanted Vietnamese. The birthday boy said he can over rule everybody. We had dinner at New Spicy Chili Restaurant. The birthday boy also picked all the dishes.

The above is a Fresh Chili Lamb dish. There is option for beef but lamb is our favourite meat. This is $18.99. It was very spicy with the generous amount of Thai chili.

The lamb slices sat on top of a pile of bean sprouts and enoki mushrooms. This is the best dish of the whole meal.


Double cooked pork belly with sweet peppers is $15.99. It also has leeks, tofu and celery. The fermented black beans add a nice flavour to this spicy dish.


Although the birthday boy was the dictator of the day, he still has a soft heart for the boys. He ordered the Fried Lamb with Cumin as the boys love it. New Spicy Restaurant version has lots of onions which no one touched except me.


Look at the leftover onions at the end of the meal. The Fried Lamb with Cumin is $17.99.


Ben also ordered a Spicy Dumpling from the appetizer section. It is $7.99. The spicy sauce is loaded with garlic, very nice. Ironically, this dish came last.


New Spicy Restaurant only accepts Visa and debit card for bill above $60. I only noticed that there is an extra item on the bill after I paid my bill and on my way out of the restaurant. I went back to the cashier and told him about the mistake. Apparently, a server had entered wrongly another table’s order of the drink into our table.  I was refunded with the $10 immediately.  The lesson learned here is always check the bill before paying.

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