Canton & Zhejiang Cuisine at Capstan Way, Richmond

Ben and I drove around Capstan Way looking for a place to have lunch after groceries shopping at Costco.


We found a new restaurant by the name Canton & Zhejiang Cuisine. So, without a doubt we gave it a try.


Canton & Zhejiang Cuisine has taken over the East Fusion Food which was in business not long. The exhaust pipe for hot pot (previous owner before East Fusion Food) are covered up with Chinese decor now.


Upon seated down, we noticed a promotional item on the table; Chicken, rice and soup for $3.95. Of course we would love to try this.


We ordered the Drunken Chicken version which was quite nice except quite bony.


The daily soup which came with the chicken and rice dish was pork bone soup which was quite tasty.


Ben ordered a Zhejiang dish to try; Beef Tendon & Potato Hot Pot for $10.95. It was mildly spicy with super tender tendon and some preserved vegetable (like Mui Choy) and has a pronounced tangerine peel flavour.


The potatoes were new potatoes which had been smashed. We felt that there must be some MSG as we felt thirsty after the meal.


There was even a 10% discount; perhaps for the opening celebration. Canton & Zhejiang Cuisine will accept credit card payment above $20.

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