Lai Taste in Parker Place

After a long morning walk, Ben and I decided to get an early lunch at Parker Place. It’s a good thing that we walked to Parker Place as we do not have to worry about parking here.


Since we were early, finding a table was not a problem. The food court is always full especially in the weekend. After going around the food court, we decided to try Lai Taste.


The above is one of the best bahn mi in Richmond. The chicken bahn mi with a hot drink is $4.95 while pork and fish bahn mi is $3.95. The bun was very light and crispy. The chicken is moist and flavoured with sweet chili sauce. We had been back for a few times just for this.


We also shared a Vietnamese noodle with beef tripe and tendon. The noodle was decent. I can’t recall the price for it, probably around $6.

Lai Taste 瀨之味 on Urbanspoon

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