Kam Ho Restaurant on Alexandra Road, Richmond

Lately, Ben either craves for Sichuan or Cantonese food. This time, he picked Cantonese cuisine.


He decided to revisit Kam Ho Restaurant at a quite strip mall where parking should not be a problem.

We opted for a dinner combo with three dishes. Since, Kam Ho specializes in Hainanese Chicken, one of the dish we picked is half of the Hainanese Chicken which is served cold.


Condiments for the Hainanese Chicken includes ginger green onion in oil and sweet chili sauce.


The dinner combo comes with daily soup and rice.


Ben ordered a House Special hotpot which comprises of tofu, mushroom, suey choy, squid, BBQ pork and pork liver. Ben loves to douse his rice with the sauce.


The last item for the combo which Ben picked was sweet and sour pork. Ben likes the different textures and flavour of the various dishes that he picked.


Ben ordered a Malaysian fried rice for the boys as they love fried rice. A slight spiciness with hint of belacan flavour.


Complementary sweet potato soup at the end of the meal. This has a strong ginger flavour and with addition of snow fungus and red dates.


Kam Ho accepts cash only.

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