Pho Khang Vietnamese Restaurant at Broadmoor Village, Richmond

Pho Khang is another new Vietnamese restaurant that pops up in Richmond.


Pho Khang opened on April 28 and offers 15% discount until May 15. Nanzaro and I visited Pho Khang just in time before the discount expire.


It was a good size restaurant; much bigger than we anticipated as the previous tenant was a Fish & Chip take out restaurant with no proper sit down tables.


I ordered the Khang House special Vermicelli for $8.75. It has spring rolls, minced pork and grilled lemongrass chicken (pork is also available). The grilled chicken does not have the charred factor.


My dish came with fish sauce. The usual condiments for pho like bean sprouts (raw) and a housemade chili sauce.


The housemade chili sauce goes well with my vermicelli.


Nanzaro ordered the Hue spicy beef in soup for $8.25. It was not as spicy as we expected. So, extra chili sauce was added to spice it up.


Wonder why Nanzaro drank the soup from the bowl? How many times have you encounter your spoon slips into the soup?


Seriously, restaurant which serves noodle soup should use the above right soup spoon with longer hooked handle so that the spoon will not slide right into the soup.


Pho Khang accepts cash only. The prices above were with discount and tax, I guess.

Pho Khang Menu (1)Pho Khang Menu (2)

You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

The food is just so, so. There are so many long established Vietnamese restaurants in Richmond, it’s hard to compete with. Moreover, the price is on the high side as Ben commented.

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  1. Steve

    The long handle soup spoon is a great idea, I hope some restaurants will adopt this suggestion.

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