Kingspark Steak House, Richmond

This was another pre-business trip dinner before we dropped off Ben at the YVR.


Ben wanted something simple, so we just went to Kingspark Steak House for Chinese meal. The above was the complementary daily soup which comes with the Chinese dishes order. This had carrot, some kind of preserved vegetable and pork in it.


Ben ordered the Sweet and Sour Pork which is a very Cantonese dish. This has a balanced sweet and sourness which is one of the better one that we had.


The second dish which Ben ordered was Seafood with Bean Curd Hotpot. The serving was not big. The seafood include fish, shrimp, scallop, artificial crab meat and mussel. Frankly, I find this dish on the bland side.


Our last dish was String Bean with Pork Jowl. I like the pork jowl which has a springy texture. Again, the serving is relatively small.


Credit card is accepted here. Parking is almost a gamble here as the parking lot is always full.

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