Woe Ga Jib Korean Restaurant at Alexandra Road, Richmond

Ben and I went out for lunch alone on a Saturday as the boys wanted to stay home to catch one of their show on life feed.


We went to Woe Ga Jib which previous tenant was Jang Mo Jib. I remembered Jang Mo Jib means mother in law. I wonder what does woe ga jib mean?


The restaurant entrance is kind of at the back. The customer has to walk up a slope which leads to the entrance with Korean art painted on the wall. The entrance greeted us with a couple of face masks decor.


Woe Ga Jib is a big restaurant with a large sitting area.


We ordered from the lunch special. Ben had a Beef Hot Pot with Bulgogi for $13.95. The beef came in shredded form and there was some vermicelli at the bottom of the pot.


I had my favourite Pork Bone Soup with Bulgogi which is also $13.95. I like to pick the meat from the bone.


The bulgogi which came with our order. Ben likes the sweetish tasting beef slices. It was too much food for us and we had one of the serving of bulgogi to take home.


I almost forgot about the banchans and steamed rice which rice which came with the lunch special. These were served at the beginning of the meal. We even got a refill of the banchans when our main orders arrived.


Woe Ga Jib accepts credit card.

Woe Ga Jib Menu (2)-001Woe Ga Jib Menu (2)-001

You can click on the menu to have a large view.

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  1. Joseph

    From their website, it says Woe Ga Jib means Grand House in Korean.

  2. Larry

    Woe Ga means mom’s family side, as you guys already know that Jib means house or home.
    On the opposite side Chin Ga means father’s family side and Chin Ga usually called with out Jib at the end.
    Woe Ga Jib
    Chin Ga.

  3. kay

    Those dishes sound so good

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