Lucky Joy BBQ Restaurant on Thorpe Road, Richmond

Ben suggested to go to Lucky Joy Restaurant near King George Park in Richmond. It has been a long while since we dine here. The restaurant looks nicer now.


We ordered from the Special Combination menu; 3 dish combo for $48.80. Ben wanted to add a lobster dish for an extra $10 but the boys protested.


The above fried chicken wing was complementary from the combo dish. They were fried to crispy on the outside and still moist inside. Nanzaro had two pieces because Arkensen does not like anything with bones.


Ben’s pick for our combo; it was a starred item on the list. The above was Chicken Steamed with Lotus Leaf. It was a huge serving. Ben loves the chicken leg pieces which were tender with a hint of herbal scent from the red dates and goji berries.


The next item is also a starred item on the list; Japanese style diced Beef and Egg Plant. The boys likes the dish of tender beef and egg plant except the edammame.

I missed out the dish that came last. We actually ordered the Fried Fish with Bean Curd in Hot Pot but somehow the server made a mistake and wrote down the Salted Fish, Chicken and Bean Curd in Hot Pot which is an item below our intended order. We did not mind the mistake and just accept the order without complaining.


The complementary dessert of the day was Pumpkin Soup with Sago. We were surprised that Arkensen actually ate a bowl. As usual, Nanzaro left out the dessert soup.


Lucky Joy accepts debit and cash only.

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