Yah Yah Ya Ramen, Capstan Way, Richmond

Ben and I went out for lunch on a Saturday afternoon by ourselves again. We decided to give Yah Yah Ya Ramen another try. The last time we wanted to dine here, there was a line and the boys did not want to wait.

Yah Yah Ya Ramen is a relatively new ramen restaurant is Richmond. From the Chinese characters, the name of the restaurant literally means family.


When we arrived, there were several people at the waiting area. So, we expected to wait. But when we told the server, there was only the two of us, we got a table immediately. Perhaps, the poeple who were waiting were in larger group and needed a big table. We were lucky.

The seating is tight and the table is quite small.

Like most Japanese restaurants, the servers greeted customers when they come in and leave the restaurants. So, it’s a bit loud.


The menu is just a two page menu. You can click on them to have a larger view.


Ben ordered the Spicy Miso Ramen for $10.50. He opted for hard noodle, heavy taste and less oil (I think).

His noodle came with chashu, bean sprouts, seaweed and 1/2 flavoured egg. The soup was tasty and rich. He really likes the hard noodle.


I ordered the ramen set which is ramen plus a small bowl of Negi-Chashu Don. Since I picked the No. 1 Ramen which is Shoyu Ramen, my set is $13.00. It’s a dollar extra for Spicy Miso Ramen combo.

The Shoyu Ramen consist of chashu, toasted seaweed, spinach and 1/2 flavoured egg. The soup is very rich. The first few slurps of the soup was very satisfying but after a while, it felt too rich. I did not finish the soup. But it was good ramen.


The Negi Chashu Don (i.e. rice) was packed to the top. It was very tasty too.


Yah Yah Ya accepts credit card. However, the server informed us that with effective Nov 2014 onwards, they only accept credit card if the bill is above $30.

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