Girls Night Out at Nuba on W. Hasting St., Vancouver

Angie of, Polly, Whitney and I met up again in downtown Vancouver for dinner.


Whitney who works in Gastown, shortlisted a few places for us to pick for the meet up and the winner is Nuba. We were there at 5PM and Nuba is still not busy yet. I think Whitney told us that Nuba only takes reservation after 5:45PM, so we just walk in at 5PM.


We decided to order from the sharing menu, one order of Le Feast (for 2) and one order of Le Grand Feast (for 2).  LeFeast is a vegetarian option while Le Grand Feast has meat.

We got 2 servings of the above which include hummus, taboulleh, baba ghanooj and pickled cabbage.


The above was served with pita bread.


Angie had wine while Polly had ginger beer. Whitney and I preferred just water.


The above is the main platter for Le Feast. It includes (starting from the salad clock wise) fattoush salad, macedonian feta, olives, mujadara (a Lebanese lentil dish), a vegan stew, crispy cauliflower and falafel.


The vegetarian platter comes with some dips for the deep fried items. The dips include a homemade jalapeno dip, tzatziki and I forgot what was the third dip.


The main platter of the Le Grand Feast consists of  lamb lollipops, prawns and chicken skewers. We just found out that Whitney does not eat lamb and next time we’ll know what not to order when dining out with her.


The rest of the Le Grand Feast includes the above roasted potatoes, fattoush salad and crispy cauliflower which are served on the side in small bowls.


By the time we finished our meal around 7PM, the place was packed and there were people waiting for tables. So, we decided to go to another place to chit chat.


We went to Tree’s Organic Coffee for coffee and cheesecake. The above Key Lime Cheesecake was great as the tanginess helps to cut back the richness of the cheesecake.


The Blueberry cheesecake was a bit disappointing as the outer part of the cheesecake was kind of dry as it did not give easily when cut into with our fork.

Angie, thank you very much for picking up the tab for the desserts and also the yummilicious homemade kaya which reminds me of what my late mom used to make. You can check out her recipe here.

Gas Town (1)Gas Town (2)

The above photos were taken by Polly. Gastown is beautiful at night.

We had a great time catching up with one another. We look forward for our next gathering in spring.

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