New Asia Deli at Continental Plaza, Richmond

Ben drove to the Continental Plaza for lunch without a designated restaurant in mind. We saw that the Deer Garden was very busy, with people waiting for tables while Pearl Castle was not that busy.


But the boys wanted Vietnamese on a cold day and we went to New Asia Deli. The restaurant was cold especially when the door is opened and a blast of cold air fills the dining room.


The usual fixings of bean sprouts and basil were served on different plates. In the middle of our meal, the server came over to take back the basil plate as she noticed that we did not touch it at all. Perhaps, for recycling. She said she wanted to clear the table for us.


Nanzaro ordered the Pho Bo Hue for $7.95. This does not come with blood cake which we do not mind as we never eat it.


I guessed it’s call Pho Bo Hue because the noodles served in this is the regular rice noodle and not the thick round rice noodle, “lai fun”.


Arkensen had the Special Combo Beef Noodle in Soup which has everything from raw beef, beef balls, tripes, etc. He had a small bowl for $6.99 as he is not a big eater any more. I tried his soup and did not really like it. It’s a more cloudy soup.


Ben ordered the Lemon Grass Pork Chop with Rice Noodle in Soup for $9.50. I preferred Ben’s soup which is clear and has a clean tasting.


I like that the pork chop is served on the separate plate and not soak in the noodle soup. There is a generous amount of pork chop.


I ordered the Spicy Chicken on Rice, also at $9.50.


The spicy chicken was quite spicy and the sauce goes well with the steamed rice. I had half of my meal to take home as it was a big serving.


The restaurant only accepts cash.

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