Kung Fu Noodle on Alexandra Road, Richmond

Marian and I intended to buy Lorna lunch at a new noodle restaurant in Alexandra Road to celebrate her birthday.


King Fu Noodle is located next to Cattle Cafe which we just blogged not long ago.


We were the first customers there at 11:00AM on a week day. The seating is not cramp.


Their menu is complete with photos.


Marian was in-charged of ordering as she had dined here before. The above was Red-Cooked Chicken in the appetizer section. It was served cold and had five spice flavour. This is $4.99.


The second appetizer we ordered was Shredded Potato with Chili for $3.59. It was not very spicy but had a vinegarish taste and a crunchy texture.


The above appetizer was Flavoured Wood Ear which was also lightly vinegarish. We like the crunchy texture of the wood ear. This is also $3.59.


Lorna wanted to try their Deep Fried Spring Roll which is $1.99 each. It was also crunchy to the bite.


We ordered two noodles to share since this is a noodle shop. The above was Noodle with Beef in Tomato Soup. A large bowl is $8.50. I opted for wide noodle as I like the texture of thicker noodle.


The second noodle dish is House Special Chow Mein which is $9.95. We opted for chicken in this dish. The fried noodle is flavourful and I like the texture of the fried noodle more than the noodle in soup. Perhaps, the noodle in soup is more softer as it soaks in the soup.


Chef hand shaving noodles can be seen from the window opening of the kitchen.


At the end, Lorna beat us paying the bill. A very typical Chinese etiquette at the dining table. Lorna, thank you so much for the meal. We wish you a very blessed birthday.

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