Happy Man Restaurant on Victoria Dr, Vancouver

Ben wanted to get a jacket from Taiga. We went for lunch first before going to Taiga.


We stopped along Victoria Drive to look for a restaurant and we settled with Happy Man Restaurant.


Happy Man Restaurant, like many Chinese restaurant has a whiteboard with daily specials. There are also colour photos of some of their menu items pasted on the walls.


We went for their Combo for 2 which comes with free soup and rice for $24.95. The daily soup was pork bone with carrots and lotus root.


I picked the Lamb Brisket Hotpot which has bean curd sticks and napa cabbage. This is a winter dish as lamb is supposed to warm our body.


Ben picked the Two Kind of Egg with Vegetable in Broth. Ben commented that this dish was bland and the bok choy does not go well with this dish. The usual vegetable used for this dish is spinach which is more tender.


The rice is pile high. I can only eat half of the bowl.


The serving here is not big but just enough for both of us. The food is decent.


Happy Man Menu (1)Happy Man Menu (2)Happy Man Menu (3)Happy Man Menu (4)

You can click on the menu above to have a larger view.

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