Neptune Seafood Restaurant on No. 3 Road, Richmond

Once again, Ben is craving for dim sum. We went to Neptune Seafood Restaurant on a Sunday afternoon on prompto.  That is not a good idea and the restaurant was packed. We had to wait for 30 minutes for our table. As we waited, we noticed that most of the customers coming in had reservation.


This time, I ordered “Iron Goddess” tea. I’m impressed that the cover of the tea pot is actually printed with the tea name. Most dim sum restaurants will have a slip of paper placed on top of the tea pot to indicate the tea name.


You can click on the menu to have a larger view. Prices are on the higher end.


First course is Pork Kidney/Liver Congee. Single serving is $6.98. The congee is slightly on the watery side. Luckily we only ordered the single serving as the boys did not touch it.


BBQ Pork Buns is $4.68. It was served piping hot, so be careful when biting into it.


Char Siew Rice Roll is $5.68. Ben commented that the rice roll is not smooth and not melting in the mouth.


Dried Shrimp Chives Pancake is also $5.68. It was slightly oily since it’s pan fried.


The best dim sum we ordered was the Deep Fried Stuffed Eggplant. Also $5.68. The stuffing was plump.


Lotus Leaf Sticky Rice is also $5.68. This is filled with ground chicken and salted egg yolk. I wonder why there is an extra paper wrap outside the lotus leaf.


For dessert, I ordered the Fresh Durian Baked Pastries. This is also $5.68. I find that the pastries are really small, kind of bite size that you can pop the whole thing in your mouth. It has strong durian flavour though.


We decided to just pay cash even though I’m sure they accept credit card. This is because service is very slow, even getting the bill.

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