Spicy Master in Richmond Public Market

Richmond Public Market is decorated with red decor to usher the Chinese New Year, just like every Chinese mall in Richmond.


We went to the Richmond Public Market for dinner on a weekend. It was not busy at that time, around 7PM as most of the stores in the lower floor had closed or in the process of closing for the day.


Nanzaro decided to try a new store in the Richmond Public Market. Spicy Master serves mala xianggoa just like Want Want Hot & Spicy House in Yaohan.


You select the ingredients that you like and is charged by the weight.


Perhaps, it’s new, the server told us that we can select a free appetizer from the menu above. The free ones are all those on the second row and the right most on the third row.


Nanzaro’s plate turned out to be $14.45. Quite expensive. His plate made up of most meat and some cilantro and wood ear.


Nanzaro asked for very spicy and it did turn out very spicy. He had the thick vermicelli (“lai fun”) to go with his mala xianggoa which the server recommended. You also have the option to serve it with steamed rice.


Nanzaro picked tofu skin and cucumber in spicy sauce as his appetizer. It is served cold.

This is a good place for people who like spicy food.


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