Mango Yummy on No. 3 Road, Richmond

We had dinner at Szechuan Delicious Restaurant on a Saturday. Oh boy, this restaurant was busy as always.


After dinner, we decided to have dessert at the fairly new Mango Yummy. We were there when it was not busy yet and we got the comfortable sofa seats. By the time we were about to leave, this place was full house. The moment we vacate our seats, a few girls quickly grabbed the sofas.


This is a self service place. You place your order and pay at the counter and they only accept cash. When your order is ready, the server will call out your order and you pick up your order from the counter.


I ordered their Signature Mango Shaved Ice to share with Ben. There were plenty of mango and the ice-cream adds some creaminess to it. This is $7.


I also ordered two Mochi to try, $1 each. There are durian and mango flavour. The fillings are in cream form and not the original fruit.


Nanzaro ordered the Matcha Ferrero Rocher Smoothie for $6. I tried a sip, it felt gritty.


A whole Ferrero Rocher topped the smoothie besides some being blended into the smoothie.

Mango Yummy Menu (1)Mango Yummy Menu (2)

Mango Yummy Menu (4)Mango Yummy Menu (3)

You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

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