Pita Pit on Garden City Road, Richmond

Nanzaro got to go to run some errands during his study break week. On his way home, he stopped by Pita Pit for lunch.


The Pita Pit he went to is located on Blundell and Garden City Road.


Pita Pit’s set up is similar to Subway. All the fresh ingredients are set up at the buffet counter for customers to pick.


The above was how the pita wrap was done.


Nanzaro’s pita wrap is made with buffalo chicken, ice-berg lettuce, jalapeno, hot peppers, grilled mushrooms and onions, hummus and cajun seasonings. He likes it a lot. He likes that he can pick the ingredients that he likes only.


Nanzaro also ordered a Mango Yogurt to go. I was surprised because he will not eat fresh mango by itself.

His order came to $10+, with promotional coupon.

Pita Pit on Urbanspoon

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