Super Stars Cafe on Leslie Road, Richmond

Ben and I went out for early lunch, just after 11:00AM on a Sunday morning. We decided to give Super Stars Cafe another try since my first attempt failed to secure a parking spot.


This time, there were plenty of parking spots because we were early. The photos on the entrance look just like it’s predecessor’s (Hollywood Steak House) dishes.


Even the interior looks exactly the same.


Ben ordered the Free Range Chicken Herbal Hotpot which I ordered the last time we visited Hollywood Steak House. It tasted exactly like the old time. The only difference is the price which is $1 more now at $13.95.


Even the side dishes are the same. So, I think it’s just a matter of name change (perhaps change of ownership) but the menu remains the same with a price increase.


Ben recommended me the Roasted Lamb Leg from the Chef’s Specials. You can have it with rice or spaghetti or fries.  I was quite disappointed with this dish as there were only four thin slices of roasted lamb leg with some steamed vegetables. Even though the lamb was thinly slice, it was not very tender.


My dish comes with a hot drink.

Super Stars Cafe Menu (1)Super Stars Cafe Menu (2)

You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

Super Stars Cafe accepts cash only.

Super Stars Cafe 名人餐厅 on Urbanspoon

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