Chamonix on No.3 Road, Richmond

Lorna, Marian and I met up during Chinese New Year. Coincidentally, Emily came back from China on the same day and we managed to get her to join us last minute.


Lorna shared with me this new Taiwanese restaurant a few weeks ago. Chamonix is located in the neighbourhood where Imperial Court Beijing Cuisine, Bob’s Submarine, Cucina Manila, Shanghai House Restaurant and Sanbo Restaurant is.


Wow, I did not expect interior decor is so glittering. Even the servers name tag lights up.


They serve with hello kitty bowls and cups. Polly, your girls will like this place.


We ordered a few items to share.  First was the above Chamonix choice of three marinated item; pig ear’s (Marian’s choice), seaweed and fried tofu. It came with some sour cabbages and instant noodles.


Our main dishes included the above Chamonix Style Beef Steak Hot Sizzling Plate. We had a choice of pasta or rice. Our choice of medium rare beef steak was tender .


The above was Taiwanese style Fried Vermicelli. The braised pork sauce was a bonus.


Marian ordered a Deep Fried Chicken dices with Hot Chili as she likes spicy food. I did not find it spicy though. The chicken was a bit dry.


Marian asked for extra chili sauce and chili oil to spice things up.


Lastly, we ordered a stir fried seasonal vegetable to balance our meal. We initially ordered the water spinach but it was out of stock. So, we switched to A-choy.


Complimentary ice-cream puff for dessert. You’ll get this if you like Chamonix on facebook.


During the Chinese New Year celebration, we were given a lucky draw of red packet. We got USD1 in the red packet.


One thing we noticed about this restaurant is the serving size. The serving is big. We saw many customers had leftovers to go.

Chamonix Menu (1)Chamonix Menu (3)Chamonix Menu (4)Chamonix Menu (2)

You can click on the above to have a larger view.

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