Take 5 Cafe in Richmond Centre Mall

Polly and I had our cake meet in Richmond Centre Mall. There is a new coffee place located near the Apple Store. It is in an open area.


The new coffee place is Take 5 Cafe. This is a franchise coffee place. This location has opened for 3 months as the server told me. Take 5 Cafe offers smoothies, sandwiches, soup, wraps, salad, baked pasta and baked goods.


Polly and I had a small Zebra Hot Chocolate and Zebra Mocha each. They are $3.55 and $3.05 respectively. We were told that zebra means they are half dark chocolate and half white chocolate.  You have the option to have the whip cream or not. For food, we had …


… the panini and soup combo. For the panini, we had Roast Turkey Panini. We had the panini grilled. What we like about the panini is the cranberry bread they used. The panini alone will be $8.99. The combo is just $1 more.


For the soup, there is option for Chicken Soup or Peas and Ham Soup. We opted for the latter. The soup has a slightly gritty and runny texture. It was a bit too salty.


To end the meal, we had a slice of Mocha Coffee Cake to share. The above is $2.50. The cake is crusty on the outside and has walnuts in it.

Coffee cake is one of the most simplest cake to bake. Here are some coffee cake recipes that I had blogged before:


Take 5 Cafe accepts credit cards. We did find that the tables are not as clean as there are sticky marks on them. The tables need frequent wipe down just like how the food court keeps them clean.

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