Wang Shun Ge Grill Richmond on Alexandra Road, Richmond

Ben was on leave due to some family emergency over the weekend. We went out to run some errands at Lansdowne Mall and went for lunch in the vicinity of Alexandra Road.


We saw a new grill fish restaurant next to Seto Sushi on Alexandra Road. We love Beijing style grill fish and so we decided to give it a try.


It was just past 11:30AM and the restaurant was empty. In fact, we waited for a while before someone came out from the kitchen.


I like the glass drinking jars that are used to serve Chinese tea to us.


We came for the grill fish and so grill fish it is. You can click on the menu above to have a larger view.


We ordered the grilled Red Snapper with medium spiciness and a few extra vegetables. The dish is served on some kind of heat source to keep it warm.


The additional vegetables we ordered were lotus root, fried tofu skin and wood ear. The dish also came with some bean sprouts, celery, onions and some sweet rice crackers which I find interesting in term of contrasting flavour and texture to the rest of the dish.


The server emphasized to us that when we order grill fish here, the fish is grilled and not deep fried. We must have steamed rice to go with this dish to soak up the spicy sauce. It was pretty spicy for a mild spiciness that we opted.


Our bill was just below $50, so we paid with cash.


The photo above did not display the opening time clearly, it should be 11:00AM when it looks like 1:00.

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