Newton Beef Noodle House on Saba Road, Richmond

A new Taiwanese restaurant took over the Pho 1001 Nights location on Saba Road. We quite like the Bun Bo Hue in Pho 1001 Nights but it’s gone now.


Ben and I went to this new Taiwanese restaurant on a weekend lunch.


The menu stated that it’s a temporary menu. I guess they will make changes to the menu in the future depending how business goes.


I had the House Special Beef Brisket and Tendon Noodle Soup. It came with five large pieces of tender beef brisket and tendon. I opted for the thick noodle as I like the texture of thicker noodle. It was a good bowl of noodle.


Ben had the Fried Onion Mixed Noodle. The noodle looked very plain.


The sauce was very fragrant with fried shallots and green onion. However, it was slightly on the greasy side.


Our appetizer of Spicy Pork Ear came last. We love the crunchy texture of it and the presentation of it.


Credit card is accepted here.

We like the quality of food here and definitely will be back.

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  1. sanfan

    is this the same location of the former Cao Van Pho noodle place? How is the parking?

    1. chowtimes

      Yes, it is located at the former Pho Cao Van. Parking is very limited in that block. We usually park in the Richmond Public Market and walk over as we usually do our groceries shopping after our meal.

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