West Lake Vietnamese Kitchen, No. 3 Road, Richmond

It’s been a while since we visited West Lake Vietnamese Kitchen on No. 3 Road.


Ben and I stopped here for a quick lunch before his business trip.


It was not busy when we visited it on a week day lunch.



We ordered from the lunch combo which includes an appy, main dish and a drink. Ben’s appy was Pork Satay Skewers. It was served with some kind of chili sauce but not very spicy.


Ben’s choice of main was Bun Bo Hue. This was quite spicy which he likes.


Ben’s choice of noodle was the thin rice noodle instead of the thick one.


Ben’s choice of drink was Salted Plum with soda which was kind of sweet and salty.


I had Grilled Lemongrass Chicken with vermicelli and my appy was Vietnamese spring roll. Ben commented that the spring roll was quite bland. Perhaps it’s because I used up all the fish sauce on my vermicelli and salad and did not leave some for him to dip with the spring roll. I just had a regular coffee to go with my meal.


We quite enjoy the lunch combo. Credit card is accepted here.

West Lake Menu (1)West Lake Menu (2)West Lake Menu (3)

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