Kungfu Noodle on Alexandra Road, Richmond

We intended to go for dinner at Cattle Cafe on Alexandra Road on a weekend. But we were surprised to see that it has been replaced by another cafe. So, we went to Kungfu Noodle next door with the consent of the boys.


Nanzaro ordered the Kungfu Dark Fried Rice. This is more like Malaysian style fried rice. Nanzaro said he even sensed a hint of belacan in it.


Nanzaro enjoyed his fried rice with lots of chili.


Ben ordered the Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup which is a popular dish in Xian. The difference here is we do not get to tear up the pita bread ourselves. It is served cut up into perfect cubes.


The lamb soup is accompanied with a quail egg, lamb slices, suey choy, goji berries, green onions and cilantro.


The broth is so addictive that we finished the whole bowl without a drop left.


Arkensen ordered the Kungfu Dandan Mein. This has beansprouts, broccoli, sweet peppers and chopped peanuts.


Arkensen likes the texture of the hand shaved noodles.


I ordered the Kungfu Lamb Chow Mein. I also opted for the hand shaved noodles. This has cumin lamb in it.


Kungfu Noodles accepts credit card. We like the food here and definitely will be back.

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