Best Cheesecake in town

After dinner in Miku, we decided to go somewhere else for dessert.


Polly suggested to go for the best cheesecake in town, her favourite dessert.


We went to the Trees Organic Cheesecake on Water St. There is another one on Granville St.


Since it’s summer, Polly and I had fruit smoothies for our drink. Polly had the mango smoothies while I had the strawberries smoothies. It was cooling and refreshing. The smoothies is $4.25 each.


Whitney enjoyed a cup of mocha as she loves coffee. I avoid drinking coffee after 2PM as I cannot sleep at night from the effect of caffeine  if I drink coffee late in the day.


We ordered two slices of cheesecake to share. Each slice is $7. The above is Maple Walnut Cheesecake. It was soft and creamy.


The mango cheesecake has a denser texture and there is a crust on top and the side. We preferred the softer texture of the Maple Walnut cheesecake.

It was a great girl’s night out.

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