Sweetie Pink Dessert on Westminster Hwy, Richmond

After attending the “A Night of Hope with Joel & Victoria”, me and my girl friends decided to go dessert.


There is not a lot of choice at the late hour. We went to Sweetie Pink on Westminster Highway, across the Richmond Public Market.


The place was painted pink just like it’s name suggests.


The above was Steamed Milk for $4.95. It came in a little cute pumpkin bowl.


Another girl friend had Snow Fungus with Aloe Vera and Pear dessert soup for $5.50.


The above was similar to the above with different ingredients, i.e. Snow Fungus with Papaya and Aloe Vera dessert soup. This is $6.95.


I had a warm Walnut Soup for $4.95.


We did not share our dessert because the serving was really small, too small to share. My walnut soup bowl was the biggest among all the desserts we ordered.


We paid cash as it’s easier to pay cash individually.


The restaurant opens late especially Friday and Saturday.

Sweetie Pink Dessert 粉紅菲菲甜品 on Urbanspoon

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