Toronto Day 5: Legislative Assembly of Ontario

On the way to Queen’s Park, we came across a street cart.


It’s an African snack foot court, selling something that resembles samosa.


We bought a couple to try. It is filled with chicken and the sauce was spicy and tangy.


The sign above describe the history of Queen’s Park. You can click on it to have a larger view.


A rose garden in the park was planted to commemorate the Royal Tour of 1939.


As we walked through the park, we came upon the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.


We found out that there is free guided tour of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in just a short while and we gladly join the tour.


The attire of the Speaker.


Photos of ex and current speakers adorned the wall in the legislature.


Names of the members of legislature are etched on the wall. We were told that they will run out of wall space in 4 years.


There is a wall dedicated to women representation in the house.


This is the new west wing which was burnt down in a fire and rebuilt with marble.


Even the floor has marble mosaic design.


The original architecture was of wood base. This is the view from 3rd floor east wing.


There are rooms for the press too.


The Mace is the symbol of Ontario’s parliamentary regalia and is used in ceremonial tradition. The above was the first Mace of Ontario which was captured by the Americans during the War of 1812. It was returned home in 1934, under special good-will orders of President F.D. Roosevelt and the United States Congress.


A Native Canadian statue stands along the side of the Legislature Building.


The entrance to the Lieutenant Governor’s office.


Equestrian statue of Edward VII at the origin point of Queen’s Park’s radial footpaths.


48th Highlanders Regimental Memorial on the north end of Queen’s Park.

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