Lobster Combo from Happy Date Bakery & Restaurant, Park Road

On a Sunday evening, Ben suggested to go to Happy Date Bakery & Restaurant for dinner. He saw a tank full of lobster the other day when we had breakfast here.


Complimentary daily soup of pork bone and lotus root was flavourful.


We had the lobster combo with 2 dishes. I added the “yee mien” for an additional $5. Since we wanted noodle with the lobster dish, we had the ginger and green onion flavour so that the noodle can soak up the sauce. The boys picked the meaty and easy to eat part of the lobster. They are not a fan of shell fish or anything with bones in.IMG_4483

For the boys sake, we had long beans for the vegetable dish. There are not many vegetables that they like. The above was fried with minced pork with olives leaves.


The boys also like the above tofu with salted fish hot pot dish. Any dish with salted fish will be fine with them.


Arkensen also like the above dessert soup of taro, mochi and tapioca. Nanzaro is not a fan of dessert soup, so, I got a bonus bowl.


Happy Date accepts cash only.

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