Floata Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown, Vancouver

Lorna invited me to the Praise Dance Night at Floata Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown. It was a celebration of the formation of the Canada Praise Dance Association.


The celebration started at Montgomery Park around 3:00PM. There were several hundreds of participants in this event. There were representatives from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China and various local churches.


Although I do not know the dance exercises but I felt it’s a very good form of exercise. It is fun too to do it in a group. It was privileged to have the founder of the Praise Dance from Taiwan, Ng Mei Yun attending this event. I can’t believe she is 80 years old as she looks so youthful and bouncy in the dance moves.


After the dance, we went down to Chinatown for the dinner. Since there were still time, Lorna and I went for a short walk in Chinatown.


We returned to Floata Seafood Restaurant at 6:00PM. Floata was picked to host the dinner because it can accommodate large group. I heard that this dinner was attended by about 500 people.


The first course was BBQ Cold Meat Combination Platter. I find the flavour of the BBQ goose (or duck) to be a bit too gamey for me.


Next came the Deep Fried Shrimp Ball. It was very chewy and the shrimp was grounded too fine to be recognizable.


The above was Pan Fried Two Kinds of Meat with Greens. There were generous amount of chicken and beef fillet but it seems like most of the ladies at our table were picking at the celery and sweet pepper.


The soup for this dinner was Dried Scallop & Fish Maw Soup. There were plenty of fish maw in it.


The Mixed Mushroom with Bok Choy was the favourite dish of the night for our table. We finished it.


The Pan Fried Pork Chop with Salad Dressing had most leftover as some of the ladies at the table shy away from this dish, perhaps they are health conscious.


In the middle of the dinner, there were performance by various groups. You may notice that most of the participants of the Praise Dance are ladies. The dance is graceful.


However, Praise Dance is not only for ladies. Men can learn too. The men only group’s dance was powerful and sounded like Kungfu dance with lots of “Hoo and Huh”. I enjoyed the performances.


Dinner resumed with Deep Fried Crispy Skin Chicken. The skin was indeed crispy but the meat was too tender.


The Steamed Fish with Special Sauce did not look so good as it looked like over cooked.


The dinner ended with some carbo dishes like Yeong Chow Fried Rice and …


… Braised E-Fu Noodle.


Dessert include two kinds of pastry; i.e. almond cookies and deep fried sesame balls.


The dinner ended with a Red Bean Sweet Soup. It was a great night celebrating Praise Dance. Lorna, thank you for inviting me to the event.

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