Chicago Day 2: Garett Popcorn in Water Tower Place

After touring the Water Tower, we went to Water Tower Place, a shopping mall adjacent to Water Tower.


We came upon Garrett Popcorn which is on our list of things to eat in Chicago.


There is a small line here.


I asked Ben to get a medium size but he got the large one instead.


We had the Garrett Mix which is cheese and caramel mix. Ben likes the caramel while Nanzaro likes the cheese flavour.


I always eat both flavours in one bite. It’s quite messy eating it as your fingers will be stained with the cheese.


The large bag was a lot. We ate them the next day and still  cannot finish it.


Ironically, we were given a sample of Skinny Popcorn when we were walking on Michigan Ave later that afternoon while we had the Garrett Popcorn bag in our hand. We tried it back in the hotel and it was ok as we felt more healthy eating the skinny version. But, we still prefers Garrett Popcorn with the sweet and savory flavours.

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