Chicago Day 2: Pepper Palace

While we were enjoyed the Garrett Popcorn on a bench nearby, we noticed a shop specializes in pepper a few doors away from Garrett Popcorn.


The store is called Pepper Palace. Nanzaro, the spicy food lover just has to check it out.


A chart of the most spicy peppers in the world.


There is a tasting table of some of the hot sauces.


Nanzaro volunteered to be the taster.


We bought a bottle of the spiciest table sauce which is available in travel size.


The Time’s Up Tomato Blend Reaper Hot Sauce is not cheap.


It’s just mind boggling seeing so many hot sauces on display.


These hot sauces behind the counter are some of the most deadly ones. It’s mostly for cooking and not a table sauce. All you need for a big batch of soup/stew is just a few drops.


We only got to try the hot sauce when we got home. It was quite spicy but tolerable.

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