Main Island Cafe on Kingsway, Burnaby

Ben was off work on a Friday, in replacement for him working on Thanksgiving day. We planned to go for lunch at Saffron Indian Cuisine. Arkensen and Nanzaro love Indian food, so they did not protest even we had to drive across the bridge.

By the time we reached Burnaby, it was past noon and that was a busy lunch hour, especially on a Friday. The wait at Saffron is going to be long and we can’t predict the wait by looking at the tables because it is a buffet setting.


So, Ben suggested the Main Island Cafe a few doors away. It is one of his favourite lunch spot.


Main Island Cafe is a Hong Kong style restaurant specializes in noodles soup, especially fish noodle soup like the one below.


Well, this is not our order, but the server delivered it wrongly to our table.


This is what I ordered; oiled noodle with Malay laksa broth. The broth was relatively spicy although it does look red.


My choice of toppings were fish puff and fish tofu.


Ben recommended Arkensen the Curry Chicken Fillet with Rice. This dish is Ben’s favourite dish here. The curry was thick and creamy. The best thing for Arkensen is that there is no bones in this dish.


Nanzaro ordered the best looking dish; Macau Chicken Fillet with Rice. Two large pieces of boneless chicken fillet were pan fried to crispy on the outside. The sauce is tomato based.


All the above orders came with a drink. As usual, cold drink is $1 extra charge.


Ben ordered a Crispy Pork Bun with onion and fries.


Ben’s order does not include a drink.


The above is another wrongly delivered order.


Debit card is accepted for orders above $20.

We find the service here is a bit lack. There is no one to acknowledge the arrival of customers. Ben had to look for a table himself. We also overheard a lady with a kid speaking of the same issue to a server after waiting for sometime at the entrance. She left after voicing her frustration.

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