Sushi King House, The Biggest Sushi in Town

After having lunch at The Place Restaurant, we took a short stroll along the neighbourhood. We were looking for food to go for our boys.


We came across Sushi King House a few doors away. What captivated Ben was the title The Biggest Sushi in Town.


So, we had the House Roll to go. It is $11.95 for 10 pieces. There is an option for 5 pieces for $6.50.


The picture above reviews how big the sushi is, almost as big as Ben’s palm. The roll is made with tuna, salmon, tamago, crab meat, tobiko, avocado and cucumber.

Arkensen and Nanzaro can only eat 3 pieces in one time. That’s how big the roll is.

Sushi King House Menu (1)Sushi King House Menu (2)

You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

This restaurant only accept cash.

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  1. gho

    how do they compare with sushi house (@continental plaza) in richmond? 🙂

    1. chowtimes

      Hi gho, we have not been to Sushi House in Richmond, so, can’t compare.

      1. gho

        haha! well, next time you’re in the area, you can give them a try! you can look at their menu online for an idea of what they have… and next time i’m in the marpole area, i’ll have a place to try, too! 🙂

        sushi house’s house roll isn’t quite as big — i *am* able to fit one whole piece in my mouth…

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