Paris Day 3: French Dinner at Latin Quarters

After resting, we went to the Latin Quarters for dinner. There were a lot of restaurants to choose from. Some of the restaurants are very aggressive to get you in when you walk pass them.


After walking down the street, we decided to go back to one of the French restaurant. Ben had a beer for Euro 5.


We had a set dinner for Euro 16.80 per person. We had mussels cooked in white wine as one of the starters.


The next starter was escargots (snails).


Ben’s main course was Beef Stew in Red Wine Sauce.


I had the Preserved Duck.


For dessert, we shared the Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.


The second dessert was Coffee with pastry.


It was a reasonable meal.


After dinner, we just walked around the Latin Quarters. The above ice-cream looks interesting but we already had ice-cream at dinner. So, we did not try them.


We passed by St. Michel Plaza on our way to Notre Dame.


We wanted to see the Notre Dame lighted up at night. The lights only came on past 10:00PM. It was not very impressive.


While waiting, we saw some street performances in front of the Notre Dame.

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