Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine on River Road, Richmond

During the summer, I joined another praise dance group which takes place in the South Arm Park. This group goes to dim sum after every practice but I have not join them until this time.


We went to the relatively new Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine across the Oval on River Road.


The restaurant is decorated quite lavishly. When we arrived before 11:00 AM, the main hall was already full. So, we were seated in a back area, sort of a separate room. We had a large table as there were 16 of us.


Tea is free of charge because one of the participant has a VIP card.


She managed to get the VIP card for everyone. The VIP card entitles for free tea and 12% discount except for seafood menu. The VIP card on the right was given out in the early days of opening. Now, they switched to a more economical type of paper card, :-).


Those who had been here before did the ordering. The above is Truffle, Ginger & Kai Lan, Egg White Fried Rice. Love the presentation.


Salmon & Prawn with Cheese Spring Roll.


Another unique presentation dish, Salty Vegetable & Bitter Melon with Rice Vermicelli. This dish is priced at $22.80 but it’s a big serving though.


Here is how it looks inside the crispy vermicelli.


I did not get to try this one though, simply called Pan Fried Rice Noodle in English. In Chinese, it’s called “Chan Chuen Fern”. Another dish at $22.80.


The above is Deep Fried fish Paste & Seaweed Rice Roll. I like the seaweed on top which gives it a light tanginess.


Seafood Salad roll with Wasabi Sauce.


Steamed Egg White Dumpling. I think this has crab meat in it.


Eggplant Stuffed with Shrimp in Thai Sauce. The presentation is slightly different from other dim sum places.


Deep Fried Roasted Pork Roll.


Pan Fried Pancake in Country Style.


This is called the Baked Minced Beef Tart.


For dessert we had Oat Souffle, which is a popular item here.


It’s light and airy.


The meal came to $12 including tax and tip for each person. It’s good to have a big group for dim sum so that we can sample more items.


The prices here are on the high.

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