Royal Seafood Restaurant in Garden City Shopping Centre, Richmond

After the last praise dance on the park organized by the Richmond Chinese Alliance Church which took place at Hugh Boyd Park during the summer, we had a celebration at Royal Seafood Restaurant.


The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor.


The large table is just enough for 16 people, seating tightly.


Since we were there early, before 10AM, we started off with some dim sum items first. The kitchen items are only available after 10:30am.

The above plain rice rolls were very tender.


We had two orders that looked similar. They were Pan Fried Radish Cake and Pan Fried Taro Cake. We had fun dividing the dishes into smaller portion so that everyone can have a taste. It’s fun to add some math element while enjoying our meal.


Rice Roll with Chinese Chinese Donut was easy to divide, just cut each piece into two.


BBQ Pork Bun, seems like not everyone like this because of the food coloring.


Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf Wrap has a nice fragrance to it.


Here is how it looks inside.


Red Bean Pancake came already cut into wedges. Since we had two orders of this, no subdivision required.


Steamed Fried Buns served with condensed milk.


Here are the dishes from kitchen, Supreme Soy Sauce Chow Mien.


Diced Chicken, Salted Fish and Pineapple Fried Rice. It’s a rare combination with the pineapple.


Pan Fried Prawns & Scramble Eggs on Rice Noodle, one of Ben’s favourite noodle dish. It is slightly lacking on the sauce but the prawns were plump.


Black Fungus and Cucumber in Sichuan Style was mildly spicy only.


Chicken Feet in Vinegar Sauce had a firm texture, unlike those steamed in black bean sauce.


Oh! This Free Range Chicken in Mustard Sauce was really spicy, in the sense that the mustard sauce went up to your nose like eating wasabi.


Steamed Flat Rice Noodle with Spareribs in Black Bean Sauce. This is also lacking in the sauce.


The last item was Pan Fried Halibut with Supreme Soy Sauce. This is one of my favourite dish.

The meal came to $11.65 per person (we shared the bill among 14 people only as one had to leave early for work and a complementary meal for the pastor).


You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


By the way, the praise at Richmond Chinese Alliance Church will resume in September in the church gym.

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