Cheng Du Xiao Chi on No. 3 Road, Richmond

Ben and I had just watched an episode of Antony Bourdain Parts Unknown to Chengdu. It inspired us to go for Sichuan food for dinner.


Our initial plan was to go to Szechuan Delicious Restaurant across Richmond Center but it was closed that day. So, Ben decided to try Cheng Du Xiao Chi which is located in a small strip mall next Aberdeen Square (just before Aberdeen Square if you travel south to north on No.3 Road).


There is a small sign visible from No. 3 Road.


It was not too busy as we arrived before 6:00PM.


Picture menu is always good.


Chinese tea is served.


Ben ordered his favourite appetizer, i.e. Saliva Chicken which is served cold.


Another of Ben’s appetizer from a Sichuan restaurant is the Slice Pork Belly in garlic sauce. The pork belly sat above some sliced cucumbers.


For the main dish, Ben ordered the Pickled Vegetable, Tofu and Fish with broth. It was a bit sour, spicy and salty.


We had Spicy Cabbage for the vegetable dish.

We ordered a pot of steamed rice to go with all these spicy dishes.  There were quite a bit of leftover to pack home.


It is a good place for Sichuan food. I did feel that MSG was liberally used as I did feel the effect of MSG after the meal.

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  1. John

    How about doing a top ten list of your favourite restaurants in Vanc, Bby, Rmd, etc? and maybe some comments for each describing why it’s your favourites or a specific dish you like.

    BTW: Thanks to you, I discovered the numerous food courts in Richmond….a great secret that no other media ever seems to talk about.

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