KL 2017 Snacks in Ipoh

Here are some snacks that we had in Ipoh.


Soy milk and soy pudding. My sister bought two of each and it came to RM10 (about CAD3).


The soy pudding is silky smooth.


The famous Ipoh white coffee. RM4.20 (about CAD1.30) for two glasses of iced Ipoh white coffee.


I also bought the 3 in 1 and 2 in 1 instant white coffee packaged by the same coffee shop. RM26 (about CAD7.90) for 2 packs.


Egg-tarts from Nam Heong Dim Sum to snack later, RM1.90 (CAD0.60) per piece. This restaurant/coffee shop owns by the brother of the coffee shop that we had the white coffee.


We walked past a stall selling these deep fried jicama. We bought a piece to try as this is not a common snack.


Some cookies that I bought for Chinese New Year visiting, rice cookies, ear cookies and twist cookies.


The famous Chicken Biscuits, thin and thick versions. All the cookies above for RM33.80 (about CAD10.25).


Some freshly baked cookies, brown sugar cookies, “heong peah” (fragrant biscuit), and “shat keh mah”. The above fresh cookies for RM17.50 (about CAD5.30).

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