Richmond Night Market 2017

Upon return to Bridgeport, we went to the Richmond Night Market near the River Rock Casino.

The theme for this year is prehistoric park.

The line into the market was very long. So, we bought the zoom pass which is slightly cheaper per entry and the most important factor is we can skip the line. Beware that it’s cash only in the night market.

Since we just had dinner, we only got a snack to try. Nanzaro wanted to had some fries.

He picked the Pho Fries, which is topped with a savory sauce, minced pork, sriracha, beansprout, cilantro and red onion. This is $7.50.

While waiting for Nanzaro’s order, we noticed one of the popular choice here is the Cheese Fries, where the cheese is torched to melt.

There were more activities here compared to the Illumination Night Market. The food stalls here seem to be of better quality.

There were also quite a number of games stalls like those found in PNE.

Here are more shots of the dinosaurs.

The entertainment stage near the entrance offers a line-up of nightly performance. On the day we went, it was the start of the singing competition.

By the time we left the Richmond Night Market. the sky was having it’s own show.

The sunset was so gorgeous.

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