Kingspark Steak House on Westminster Hwy, Richmond

What a coincidence. We had dinner at Kingspark Steak House on the same day we had breakfast at Kingspark Good Food.


The signature metal colour cup of Kingspark Steak House.


Arksensen ordered the Satay E-fu Noodle with Eggplant because he likes eggplant. The eggplants were piping hot.


Ben and I shared a dish from the Chinese dishes section which comes with a bowl of steam rice.


We had the Braised Fish Filet with Tofu Hotpot.


There were plumb shiitake mushrooms, ground pork and iceberg lettuce lined the bottom of the pot. The lettuce absorbed all the sauce which is good.


The Chinese dish came with the daily soup which was Chicken Feet Soup that day.


Nanzaro ordered the XO Stir Fried Noodle as he likes his noodle to be spicy.


If you opt for cold drink here other than coffee or tea, an extra $1.25 is charged which is the highest charge I’ve seen among the Hong Kong style cafes. If you want ice coffee or milk tea, then 75cents extra is charged. Credit card is accepted here for bill above $20.


We went back to Kingspark Steak House a week later due to the restaurant we wanted to go to was not open yet. Arkensen got the Seafood Baked Rice. Surprisingly, his order came first. Usually baked items will take longer to prepare.


Nanzaro ordered the Egg Swirl Rice Noodle. It was pretty good with generous amount of the egg sauce and plumb shrimp.


Ben and I shared a Singapore Fried Vermicelli. We also taxed some of Nanzaro’s noodle.


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