Jack Frost Dessert Cafe on No. 3 Road, Richmond

It was a hot spring day. Ben treated me a cool desert on a pre mother’s day celebration.

We went to Jack Frost Dessert Cafe across Richmond Center on No. 3 Road.

We arrived around 6:00PM and there were only two other customers there. When we left, the restaurant is already full house.

We asked the server what is their popular item and he told us it’s the Tiramisu Snowfall. The bowl is topped with a slice of Tiramisu cake. It was good as it is not too sweet.

There are a lot of large chocolate rolls at the bottom of the bowl besides those small shavings on the rim of the bowl. The center of the bowl is filled some coffee/chocolate ice-cream.

The Tiramisu Snowfall is served with a small cup of espresso for us to drizzle on the bowl. We enjoyed it and the serving is so big that even two of us find it hard to finish the whole bowl.

Credit card is accepted here.

During our visit, we saw 3 orders of the Strawberry Snowfall, 2 orders of Mango Snowfalls, 3 orders of Tiramisu Snowfalls (including ours) and some other varieties.

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