KL Fall 2012: Mei King Lam Mee Restaurant

There is a very popular “lam mee”  restaurant near the Pudu Wet Market. We went there for our second lunch.


Mei King Lam Mee is always packed with customers. We had to share table with other clients.


Iced coffee for me and coke for Ben to cool down from the heat.


The above is their signature dish, lam mee. (more…)

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KL Fall 2012: Pudu Wet Market

After lunch, Ben and I explored the surrounding neighbourhood by foot.


Ben grew up in this neighbourhood, Pudu. He pointed out to me the building above which he stayed during his childhood. He recalled watching the incident of 1969 from his apartment window. Now this neighbourhood is dominated by printing companies.


I bought a piece of fried yam to snack while exploring the neighbourhood.  It was RM1 (CAD0.35). It is filled with “nian gao” (Chinese New Year Cake).


We then ventured to the Pudu Wet Market. There are a lot of vendors selling pet fish here. (more…)

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Travel from KLIA to KL Sentral

Air Aisa landed at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT).


As expected, the terminal does not provide aerobridges since it’s a low cost terminal.

Immigration clearance for foreigners was quick as most of passengers of our flight were locals.


We took the KLIA transit to go to the city center. The ticket was RM12.50 (about CAD4) per person. This included a bus ride from the LCCT to KLIA transit train station. (more…)

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Air Asia On Board Meal

Ben and I had to exit China during my visit last fall due to the 30 days visa restriction. We decided to have a short trip back to Malaysia to visit our families.


We flew with Air Asia as it offers the cheapest fare to fly from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur. It was CAD1045 for a return flight for both of us. As a matter of fact, it was not cheap as we bought the tickets last minute. While waiting at the check-in counter in the PEK International Airport, we chatted with a Malaysian tourist who waited in line in front of us. He told us that he got his ticket at one third of our price at a travel fair in Kuala Lumpur.

The Malaysian tourist also complained to us about his bad experiences during his group tour which include rude servers; bargaining experiences at the Silk Street and the unpleasant factory tours that took up a lot of their travel time.


As Air Asia is a low cost airline, there is no TV on board and with narrow leg room. Everything is chargeable which include check-in luggage and meal on board. (more…)

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