Lychee Buffet in Bellingham, WA

Updated: 31st Jan 2015; This restaurant is closed according to

With the Canadian Dollar getting so strong against the US Dollar, we thought it is a good idea to pop over to Washington state to buy stuff and to stuff ourselves silly with buffet. Buffets in the US is always so much more bigger, better and cheaper than what we normally find in Vancouver.

Bellingham is the closest US city to Vancouver, which is just 15 minutes drive from the border. Bellingham is a thriving little city and I heard over the radio that it is the 6th fastest growth small city in the US … all of this is attributed a lot to it’s close proximity to Canada. Much of the economy of Bellingham is due to the cross border shopping and business.

We had always went to the Old Country Buffet in the Bellis Fair Mall but decided this time to look for another place. We found the Lychee Buffet just off the I-5 at exit 253. The address is 819 Lakeway Drive.


Lychee Buffet is a chinese style buffet. We went on a weekend and they have the Seafood Special Buffet then. The crabs, oh the crabs … all you can eat! We had a fun time cracking the crabs and peeling the prawns (did I say the prawns?) with our hands. Nice, really nice, dipping it the cocktail sauce.


There must have been at least five different selections of prawns. The prawns were no tiny-weeny types. There are also oysters and clams. Did I forget to mention salmon too?

Anyway, there were at least 30 different dishes on the main buffet bar. All in, I felt that there must have been at least 80 different dishes in all.


As always we ended regretting eating buffet. We stuffed ourselves so full we can hardly sit upright. Arkensen was so full that he did not even take his ice-cream. I am sure we have put in an extra kilogram or two by tomorrow.

The quality is not too bad but they were not great either. Well, at least they don’t look and taste like they have been left under the heater overnight — looking dried.

Click below for more pictures …

The salmon was not too great — I have eaten better ones.


We like their roast duck — big and juicy.


The dessert is nothing to shout about. I could not help but to take a picture of this colourful dish.


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  1. Matt

    Heh, I am moving about 5 blocks from there. So not a great place, but worth checking out?

  2. Ben

    Oh yeah — still worth checking it out. You should go on a weekend where they have seafood specials. Costs a bit more but if you like seafood, it’s a good deal. Let me know what you think after.

  3. Malcolm

    Heh. In CT, we have the “East Melange,” a Chinese buffet of decidedly high quality…but that you inevitably end up regretting, afterward. What is it about “all you can eat” that makes you eat as though the apocalypse is coming?

  4. Ben

    Hi Malcolm: You had a great site, and enjoyed your writing. I know what you mean … I have ALWAYS regretted eating buffet too!!

  5. marilyn Levan

    You have the best food in town. We eat there every Saturday. The seafood buffet is incredible. i’m suprised i can find a seat.

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