Quilon Restaurant in Richmond

Quilon was closed for the Canada Line Project.

Zee treated me to lunch yesterday to celebrate my belated birthday. She has been an awfully sweet and generous person. I am so glad to have a neighbor like Zee — she treats me like her own sister and I feel so honoured! Zee likes to take a walk at the South Arm Park and has often invited me along. People like Zee are a rarity these days. So, Zee, this entry is dedicated to you.

Zee bought me lunch at the Quilon Restaurant. Quilon has repeatedly been voted as the No 1 Indian Cuisine restaurant in Richmond. It is located on No 3 Rd and Westminster Highway.

Quilon is the old name for Kollam, a city in the Kerala state in south India.


We had the buffet which costs $8.95 each. Oh dear, another buffet again! I mean, I like food but ends up regretting stuffing myself too full. I know it but yet I do that again and again!

Well, the buffet spread wasn’t big but made up by the quality. I love the crispy Papadums (lentil crackers) as an appetizer. This one is good because it’s not oily like the ones that I used to eat in Malaysia.


The main selection of the buffet is the ever popular Butter Chicken and Tandoori Chicken. They were awesome. The butter chicken is made in tomato and cream sauce — rich and creamy. The tandoori is chicken marinated in yogurt and spices for 24 hours before they are baked in a traditional clay oven. Zee swears that Quilon has the bestest Tandoori chicken in Vancouver.


The bowl with the white stuff below are the rice pudding — a dessert. The green stuff is made of green pepper and parsley. It’s is deceptively mild because red means hot to me and green means cold. But it was hyper spicy HOT! I only took a tiny weenie bit to try. Too hot for me!

The red bowl, I don’t what it’s called. It’s slightly sweets and is meant for the chicken.


— too salty for me. However, Zee loves this and took a lot of this. I guess it’s an acquire taste.

Zee told me that she used to make mango chutney at home. She marinates the young mango in coarse salt for several days and then cook them in spices.


The Naan Bread below was not part of the buffet. We ordered them as extras for $1.50 each. It was perfect — all fluffy and soft, served warm. Heavenly.


For dessert, we had TWO rounds of the rice pudding. They were sweet and had a hint of spice. I can’t recall the name of the spice but Zee told me that the spice used were very expensive — it’s even more expensive than saffron.


Thanks again, Zee. I enjoyed myself a lot yesterday and do appreciate so much for this treat.

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  1. sally

    Get a Masala Dosanext time…it’s a must!

  2. LotusRapper

    Mmmmm that looks great. I walked by Quilon so many times (while dropping my car off at my mechanic just east of their building) but never gone in to try out. I tend to be skeptical of Indian buffets but this one looks to be an exception in terms of quality. I’ll definitely try them out soon.

    Another worthy Indian restaurant with a $9 lunch buffet is Saffron, on Kingsway in Burnaby. Good quality butter chicken and tandoori chicken. See:

    And also New India Restaurant at the NW corner of W. Broadway and Willow (great view of downtown and North Shore mtns).

  3. Suanne

    Hi Sally: Hmmm … I did not notice the Masala Dosa. My eyes were on the butter chicken and tandooru chicken!

    Hi Lotus Rapper: Good tips. We heard too about Saffron but have never tried it. We’ll do that someday soon. Never heard of New India Restaurant though. I like such recommendations because sometimes we just can’t think of anywhere to go.

  4. Maritza

    I believe the spice used in the rice pudding is cardamon. Thanks for the mouth watering posts!

  5. Rosa

    Oh Suanne! YUM. Indian is my all-time favorite. I agree with Sally. Masala Dosas are soooo good. We had Indian in London–which of course, is the best. The restaurant we walked all the way to (write up was excellent) was closed for a private party! Grrr. The one we setlled for was good though. They didnt’ have masala dosa either.

  6. Suanne

    Hi Rosa: Welcome back home! You sure had a fun time in London … and you’re right, you like a good life! Will most definitely check out masala dosa next time.

    Hi Maritza: Cardamon, huh? Thanks for the answer.

  7. Zee

    hi Suanne, The name of the spice that was used in the rice pudding that we ate at the restaurant is actually “saffron” and NOT cardamon…just thought i should clarify that…and saffron is expensive…in my Indian language it is called “kaiser”. — Zee

  8. arunkumar

    i am want more recipie

  9. Kelly Brown

    Your photos of the food were beautiful… made my mouth water!

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