Stuart’s Baked Goods in Granville Public Market

Polly and I went for our last cake meet before the summer holiday kicks off. We revisited Granville Island again as Polly loves this place a lot. She was a volunteer for the Vancouver Fringe Festival in Granville Island last year while she was not working at the time.

It was a good day to stay out and soaked up the sun. So, we decided to take out some goodies from the Public Market and enjoy the scenery outdoor and people watching. On our way from the public parking lot to Granville Island, we passed by Starbucks and decided to grab a drink from there. In the store, we saw a sign recommending a new drink called Raspberry Mocha and we decided to give it a try. Since its quite a warm day, we opted for the Iced Raspberry Mocha, a grande costs $4+. A perfect drink for a hot summer day, cold, fruity and the mocha gave me the much needed morning boost.


We stopped by the Granville Public Market to look for something for takeout. We ended up at the Stuart’s Quality Baked Goods store which has a wide range of baked goods.


You will be overwhelmed by the varieties of baked goods here. It is so hard to decide on what to get. Here are some of the baked goods.

Bread, cookies, biscotti…


… mousse, cakes, tarts…


… buns, rolls, croissant, muffin…


… more tarts, etc.


Polly and I got a few items to share. We were very lucky to catch a Jazz band performance at the Market Stage Granville Island. Coincidentally, it is the Vancouver International Jazz Festival week which runs from 22nd June to 1st July. The band which was performing is the Aeroplane Trio Plus One.


We certainly had a great time and we will meet again after the summer holiday in September.

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  1. Chubbypanda

    Stuart’s was really good up until a few years ago when they changed owners, bakers, or something. The quality of the bread went downhill. Too much yeast was being used.

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