Diplomat Bakery on London Road, Richmond

Polly and I revisited Diplomat Bakery for our cake meet. This time, we went to the new location on London Road. It is a new commercial and residential area where many constructions are still in progress. The location seems a bit remote now but after all the development has completed, I’m sure it’s going to be a good traffic in the place. London Road is located at the southern end of the No 2 Road. The neighborhood had been expanding for the past few years and it’s just a matter of time when development encroaches into the area east of No 2.

While we were there, there was a good flow of traffic around tea time and just before lunch time by the construction workers.


There was a special offer at the Diplomat Bakery during our visit which is get 4 slices of cakes at $2.95 and you’ll get one free slice. Since Polly and I usually share 3 slices, we decided to get an extra slice and end up with 5 slices, with the free slice offer. Each one of us brought one slice home to enjoy later.

Here are the cakes which we ordered.


A slice Strawberry Cheese cake which is very rich and creamy. Polly had this one to bring home too.


We also had a slice of Chocolate Lemon Cheese Cake. This one is really good. The dark chocolate coating and the oreo base complement the slightly tangy lemon cheese cake marvelously. I would order this one again when I come back.


This is a Blueberry Cream Cheese Layer Cake. The cream cheese layer add some richness to this cake which is very light by itself.


I brought home this slice which is a Peach Creme Layer Cake. Arkensen enjoyed this piece which has a strong peach flavour to it.

I would recommend Diplomat Bakery to any cake lovers. Their price is very reasonable and the quality is good.

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  1. Jessica

    OOO the chocolate lemon cheesecake looks so good! Ill have to stop by there one day!

  2. BuddingCook

    Yummy! Cheese cake is the best. That layered cheese cake looks enticing. 😀

  3. Jennifer

    Oh my gosh…that last piece of cake!!! More reason for me to get a passport already. I am so behind!

  4. Dolly

    I’m looking for a good chocolate cake in Richmond (one that is chocolate but not so sweet you feel sick after. Out of the chocolate cake varieties you’ve tried at the Diplomat, what would you recommend? They all look marvelous!

    1. Suanne

      Hi Dolly, just had the European Cheesecake and Napoleon slice there yesterday. You are right, everything looks marvelous and it’s hard to choose.

  5. Ivy

    You should also try to tiramisu. Their’s has more of the creamy layers than lady fingers layers!

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