Le Riz Asian Fusion Cafe on Capstan Way, Richmond

I brought the boys out for lunch on a Saturday afternoon. Arkensen came with us because the Dr. Who series had ended for the season.


We went to Le Riz Fusion Cafe as a reader commented about it. It is the recarnation of Coco Chili.


The interior is spacious which we like. Arkensen hates cramp restaurant.


I ordered a new item from a poster on the wall. It’s Korean Pork Bone Noodle soup for $7.95. It came with a few large pieces of pork bones with plenty of meat to pick from.


The noodle used is wide egg noodle. Arkensen commented that the noodle is like Mee Poh instant noodle. There are some fried tofu and bamboo shoot in the noodle soup. I enjoyed it.


Nanzaro ordered a Pork Stew with Rice. It came with steamed bok choy which were traded with me for some noodles.


The stew pork is actually slices of pork belly. The sauce that came with it was slightly sweetish and smokey.


Arkensen’s order came last. He had Baked Artificial Crab Meat with White Sauce on Rice.


The rice that came with it was fried rice. Arkensen commented that he did not sign up for all the mushrooms, onions, green peas and corns that came with it.


All our orders came with a drink. The boys would rather have McDonald’s ice coffee later. So, I asked for their share to be served in cups to go.


Le Riz Asian Fusion Cafe accepts cash only.


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