Meinhardt Fine Foods on Granville St, Vancouver

Updated: 27th June 2012; This restaurant has closed according to

When I blogged about Max’s Bakery & Delicatessen, LotusRapper recommended us to Meinhardt Fine Food. I figure we wont go wrong with his recommendation as he is a real foodie and so Polly and I had our cake meet there one Friday morning.


Meinhardt Fine Foods is located at 3002 Granville Street. Since we came from Richmond, we entered the store from the south entrance. I went to check out the place while Polly waited at a street parking behind the store. We want to make sure we can dine in before we feed the parking meter. I only saw two rows of counter sitting in the store and went back to the car to check with Polly if she’ s ok with the counter sitting as she was wearing skirt that day. Polly did not mind.

We only found out that there is a dine in place adjacent to the store (with the word PICNIC on the awning in the above photo) after we had finished our meal and decided to take a walk north Granville Street.


The Meinhardt Fine Foods has lots of ready made food, include Indian food, salad, sandwiches, cakes, pastries and cookies. They are well staff too.


Polly and I ordered Chai Latte and Cappuccino for our drink. However, when Polly sipped into her drink, she realized that she was given steamed milk which she did not mind.


From the Indian section, we ordered the Vegetables Pakora to try. We had the regular Vegetables Pakaro and Cauliflower Pakaro. The regular Vegetables Pakora seemed to have more flavour than the Cauliflower Pakaro. Both are flavourful of Indian spices.


From the pasta section, we had Sauteed Potato Gnocchi. It is served cold. They are very tasty and I like the chewiness of the gnocchi.


From the salad section, we ordered the Curried Chicken Salad which is also served cold. The salad is slightly sweet and has very mild curry flavour. There are potatoes, apples and grapes in the salad, besides the chicken.


For dessert, we had the Bread Pudding. It has banana and big chunks of chocoalte in it. Simply love this.


The total bill came close to $20. Most of the items there are sold by weight.


On the way out, we also bought these Cheese Straws and Palmiers which only cost 99cents each. They are good for snacking. LotusRapper, thank you for a good recommendation.

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  1. They also have a newer location on Arbutus Street (near the Ridge Theatre), around 16th Avenue. They have a larger space for seating. =)

  2. LotusRapper

    Hope you and Polly liked it, Suanne. They’re particularly enjoyable on a cold rainy Vancouver day, as you sit inside enjoying the warmth and ambience and the people action you feel like you’re somewhere in Manhattan Upper West Side.

  3. LotusRapper

    PS: PICNIC is also owned by Linda Meinhardt and is an interesting eatery with a single, looooong picnic table to accommodate all their customers to create a community feeling.

    In case you didnt’ know, the Bread Garden chain is owned and created by Linda Meinhardt.

  4. celina

    A recommandation:
    try Save on Food’s “Tuxedo Cake”
    it is cheap but GREAT!!!

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