High Tea at Adorabelle Tea Room in Steveston Village

Polly and I celebrated Mother’s Day in advance.


We went for high tea at Adorabelle Tea Room in Steveston. Please note that Adorabelle Tea Room is located at the old Steveston Court House. Pay parking is available at the parking lot adjacent to the tea room.


Reservation is required. The teacups that decorated a wall are lovely.


Each will get his/her individual teapot which is covered with a warmer at the back of the above photo.


The server will add the tea leaves into the teapot strainer at the table.


The above is the tea menu. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


Polly’s choice was Sakura which is Cherry blossom green tea. It is scented with fresh taste of cherries and rose petals.


I had Summer which is creamy vanilla with citrus, rooibos, orange peel and yogurt pieces.


The high tea is $25 per person and is limited to one hour seating.


The bottom layer is the sandwiches and savoury cupcake.  Starting from the rectangle one from the top clockwise; tuna with cranberry sandwich; smoke salmon pin wheel; bacon and chives cupcake; egg pinwheel and in the center is the cucumber cream cheese open face sandwich.


The second level is the scones. Regular scone with raisins and topped with icing sugar. The other scone is orange scone with a syrupy glaze.


The scones are served with raspberry jam and whipped cream.


The top layer is the sweet goods. From top clockwise, cupcake with icing; meringue cookie topped with a blueberry (slightly chewy). strawberry with whipped cream, chocolate cake covered with ganache and a herbalish shortbread. Near the end of the seating, the server brought a box and asked if we needed to take away the leftover. I guessed it’s a polite way to tell us times up.


I also tried my tea with milk and honey.


Adorabelle Tea Room accepts credit card.

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  1. joyce

    How was the scones?

    1. miss maggie

      I went recently and enjoyed the scones a lot! I don’t like raisins at all in my baked goods and was wary of the orange flavoured one, but they were both so delicious that I ate them both happily.

  2. shortwidenails

    The one hour time limit is deterring me from considering this place 🙁

    1. Benny

      I agree! High tea suppose to be relaxing and chatting with friends. 1 hour is too short especially with this price tag!

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